Martin Grace (aka blind serial killer, the Blind Man, the Dark Monster) is the accused murderer and rapist.[1], [2]

  • Age 56[1]
  • according to New York state records has moved residences eight times in the past 10 years[3]
    • Resident of Brooklyn for past two years[1],[4]
    • Lived in Queens previous three years[4], before that Buffalo, before that 1 year in Albany, before that 1 year in Conquest, before that some time in Rochester, before that ???, before that ???.[4]
  • Most recently worked as audio engineer at The Jam Factory for three years[4]
  • green eyes[5]
  • Is legally blind, psychosomatic. This condition is often caused by emotional trauma.[1]
    • Grace’s condition did not occur until two years ago[6], the source said. This was several months after the final murder in which he is a suspect occurred.[1]
  • many said Grace personally knew these victims, and relocated to other cities within days of their deaths.[1]
  • If convicted, D.A. Taylor wants to put on Death Row[2]
  • Allegedly tells victims in great detail how they will die before it happens[1]
  • According to police department sources, most of these deaths were initially determined to be accidental, or suicides. Others had simply remained unsolved. “During our follow-up investigations, we discovered anecdotal evidence that Grace told (a female victim) she would hang herself. The next day, it happened,” said Jeffrey Spiro, a media relations officer for the NYPD.[1]
  • Plays a piano rendition of "Night On Bald Mountain" from the Disney movie Fantasia which is recorded by Zach Taylor's memory card.[7]

Associates[edit | edit source]

  • Theodore Peterson
    • According to Peterson: Grace was a “pariah” who was “shoved” through the New York state mental health system, but at The Brink will get the attention he deserves.[8]
  • Zach Taylor: his therapist at The Brink
  • Marian Cannon: his public defense attorney
    • Claims Martin Grace has an alibi for every crime[1]

Alleged Victims[edit | edit source]

Accused of at least 12 murders[8], including:

  • Tayna Gold
  • Rosemary Chapel[9]
  • female victim, 2006, worked briefly with Grace at Quarter-Note, originally thought to hung herself, found dead with deep cuts on her neck that do not appear consistent with suicide[1]
  • Jerome Stringer[10]
    • a similar 2006 death in Brooklyn, initially ruled as accidental. A resident, who worked with Grace for nearly a year, was warned by Grace to “be careful around his (workshop) rotary saw,” Acker said. Three days later, as the man worked alone at his home, his hand was severed by the tool. He died from the wound.[1]
    • victim's wife allegedly heard Grace describe the death[1]
  • robbery gone wrong[10]
  • car accident[10]
  • death by javelins[10]

Location of Crimes[edit | edit source]

The Dark Man[edit | edit source]

Martin Grace blames the murders on The Dark Man[10]

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